Intraday Futures FAQ's
What is Intraday Futures Product ?
  Intraday Futures Product enables you to trade in a futures contract with an Intraday perspective. i.e., You can take intraday positions in various future contracts, but these positions will have to be necessarily squared off by day end.
What are the benefits of Intraday Futures product ?
  Following are the major benefits of this product:
  1. Allows you to trade in Futures with lower margins.
  2. Intraday Futures Product enables you to trade in a futures contract with an Intraday perspective and avoid overnight market risk. The Intraday positions need to be closed by day end.
  3. You can also convert your intraday position to delivery positions if the market outlook is favorable.
  4. You need not sign any form/agreement to avail this product.
  5. You can trade in Intraday Futures through website/PIB or by placing trades through your service branch on phone.
Is the intraday option available for Options trading ?
No, the intraday trading option is available only for Futures Trading.
What will be the brokerage charges for trading in Intraday Futures product ?
The brokerage charges for trading in Intraday Futures product are same as applicable for normal futures trading.
How can I check the intraday margins applicable for a particular contract ?
You can check the intraday margins applicable for a contract through the scrip margins report in the account menu in F&O terminal. PIB users can view the report through the Scrip Wise Margin Percentages link in the F&O trading menu.
How can I enable Intraday Futures for my account ?
You are automatically enabled for Intraday Futures product if you have rights to trade in Futures & Option segment of NSE through your Indiabulls trading Account. If you want rights to trade in Futures and Options segment, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager or Service Branch.
How can I identify whether Intraday Futures product is enabled on my account or not ?
If Intraday Futures is enabled on your account, you will be able to view the option of “Mark Intraday Contract” in the F&O Trading menu of Power Indiabulls (PIB) /New Order menu on the trading website. The said option will be visible on PIB, only if the updated PIB version(5.0) has been downloaded.
How can I place orders in Intraday Futures ?
You may place orders in Intraday Futures by any of the following means:
  1. Trading website of Indiabulls: You will automatically be able to see the options related to Intraday Futures on the trading website.
  2. Power Indiabulls (PIB): If you are using Power Indiabulls (PIB), you will be required to download the latest Power Indiabulls (PIB) 5.0 version to trade in Intraday Futures segment. If you already have this version, you need not to download it again.
    To download PIB 5.0 version please click here
  3. Service Branch: You may call at your service branch and place order on phone.
Can I trade in all futures contracts using Intraday Futures product ?
Intraday Futures facility is provided in selected contracts, as decided by Indiabulls on the basis of certain parameters like liquidity, volatility, etc. This list is reviewed and updated on regular basis.

You can check whether a particular contract is available for trading or not in “Mark Intraday Contracts” section. In this section, the contracts which are marked with “X” are not enabled for Intraday Futures trading. The remaining contracts are available for intraday futures trading.
At what time will the system automatically square-off the Intraday Futures position ?
The system will automatically square off your intraday futures open positions 30 minutes prior to market closure. This timing is subject to change depending on the market conditions on any given day.
How can I trade in Intraday Futures in a particular contract ?
To trade in Intraday futures in a particular contract, you will be required to first mark (activate) the given contract for Intraday futures trading. This will be done through “Mark Intraday Contracts” section. The step-wise process for enabling intraday futures is as follows:
  1. Enter the underlying scrip / index for which you wish to enable Intraday futures trading and click on 'Search' button.
  2. On pressing 'Search' button, the system will display the contracts for the selected underlying.
  3. Now, click on 'Edit' button. On clicking the button, the system will enable marking / unmarking for the given underlying.
  4. The system displays you three contracts for a given underlying - near month contract, middle month contract, and far month contract. You can tick the box for the contracts that you want to mark as intraday.
  5. Once you mark the desired contract, click on 'Update' button. On clicking 'Update' button, the system will display you the confirmation screen. The screen also displays you information on the existing margin utilized and the tentative margin utilization on updating the contracts status.
  6. Click on 'Confirm' button to update the settings. In case, you wish to amend the changes, click on 'Cancel' button.
  7. As soon as you click on the confirm button, all your open positions in the selected contract (previous and current) are converted into intraday positions and reduced margins are blocked on these positions.
  8. Kindly note that the contracts that are not allowed for intraday trading will be marked with a X mark and you will not be able to mark these contracts for intraday,
For more detailed explanation, kindly refer the help section in the Mark Intraday contract section.
What happens to my existing open positions in a contract, if I mark that contract for intraday ?

All your existing open positions in the marked contract (current as well as previous) will also get converted into intraday positions and reduced margins will get blocked as per the intraday %. These positions will be necessarily squared off by day end.

Can I unmark a contract from Intraday trading ?

Yes, you can unmark an Intraday marked contract before the start of the F&O square off process provided you have sufficient available margins to carry the position as a delivery position. On unmarking a contract, the margins blocked for the contract will get upgraded as per delivery margin %.

What does the option of Open position scrip denote in the Mark Intraday contract report ?

You can use the open position scrip option to view the contracts of all the scrips in which you have an open Future position (intraday or delivery).

If I have marked a contract for intraday, does it remain marked for the next trading day also ?

No, all the marked contracts are unmarked at the end of market and you are required to mark them again to trade in the intraday segment.

Can I partially convert my Intraday Futures position into delivery position ?

You can use the “Request for carry Forward” option available in F&O Intraday Position report to request a part of your intraday position for delivery. If you have sufficient margins available, then the margins for the requested quantity will be upgraded and these positions will not be squared off during the F&O Square off. However, if you square off the quantity that has been marked for delivery, then the request for carry forward will be made void as soon as the square off order gets traded. For example: You have an open intraday position of 5 lots in a contract and you request 2 lots for delivery. Now, if you place an order to square off your position in 4 lots, then you will get a prompt that will intimate you that if the given order gets traded , your request for carry forward will be made void. Once the open position falls below the quantity requested for carry forward, the request for carry forward will be made void and the balance 1 lot of open position will be squared off at the time of F&O Square off.

How do I place a request for carry forward ?

The step-wise procedure to place request for delivery is as follows:

  1. In F&O Intraday Position report, click on 'Edit' button against the contract in which you wish to place request for converting positions from Intraday to Delivery.
  2. On clicking, the fields given in Request for Carry Forward section are enabled. Now, enter the quantity in 'Quantity' field that you wish to convert from intraday to delivery.
  3. The requested quantity should be less than or equal to the open position minus counter outstanding orders and should be a multiple of the lot size in the contract.
  4. Click on 'Update' button to place the request for carry forward.
Note! Kindly ensure that you have sufficient margin available for converting the positions from Intraday to Delivery, else the system might reject your request. In case you have taken the position in multiple tranches, the system upgrades the margin on the price at which the last quantity was traded by you.
Is there a separate order entry screen for the Intraday Futures ?

No. The order entry screen remains same for both intraday futures orders and other future orders. The orders placed in those contracts, which are marked as Intraday Futures contracts by you, will be considered as Intraday Futures orders automatically by the system. They will also be shown in a different color from the normal contracts for easier identification

How can I identify my intraday positions in the various F&O (Futures and Options) reports ?

We have introduced a Contract Type field in the F&O intraday report, F&O order search report and F&O complete position report. All the contracts marked for intraday will show the contract type as Intraday in these reports. They will also be shown in a different color from the normal contracts for easier identification.

I am shown this message in F&O Intraday Report / Complete Position Report “The marked contracts have been disabled from FUTURES intraday trading. You can either unmark your contracts from intraday Trading or square of your open intraday positions.” What does it indicate?

The aforesaid message indicates that the Intraday Futures trading on the selected contracts is disabled. In such a scenario, you can either unmark the contract to convert these positions to delivery or square off the open positions of these contracts.

I am shown a message in F&O Intraday Positions Report / Complete Position Report “Alert: Intraday Futures permission has been disabled from your account”. What does it indicate ?

The aforesaid message indicates that Intraday Futures product has been disabled on your trading account for certain reasons. In such a scenario, you may contact your RM / service branch or can also call us at our helpdesk number 0124-4572444. You can also email us at for the same.

What does “Change Log” link refer to in F&O Intraday Report ?

“Change log” link enables you to view the instructions placed by you for carrying forward your intraday positions. The section also enables you view the log of the instructions placed for marking or unmarking the Intraday Futures trading in the contracts.

Am I allowed to mark / unmark a contract during pre-market / after market hours?

You can mark the contracts for intraday only after 08:30 A.M. You can not mark a contract for intraday in after market hours.

I am shown this message on placing the order “You cannot place the order as the intraday permission for the contract is revoked.” What does it indicate ?

It indicates that the intraday futures permission has been revoked for the given scrip / contract and hence, the clients will not be allowed to take fresh positions in the given contract.

Though, you are allowed to place the order to square-off your open positions in the given contract. Alternatively, you can also unmark this contract to convert your intraday positions to delivery.

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