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Power Indiabulls (PIB) is a desktop based application that provides an unparallel edge to those genres of investors which are actively involved in the stock market. Whether you are a Day-Trader who regularly buy/sell stocks during the day or a Stock Research Analyst who believes in taking a call on the particular stock after doing extensive fundamental and technical analysis, PIB fulfills your every need from the comfort of your PC desktop.

PIB comes with a whole host of trading features for its users ranging from real-time stock Prices, to extensive Reports, Charting, and Calculators etc. For Market Experts & Stock Research Analysts, PIB provides EOD Technical Analysis feature to help them analyze the behavior of a particular stock using popular chart scrip indicators like Simple Moving Average, Stochastic, Relative Strength Index, Williams %R, & many more. Besides, one can also use Profile feature to view detailed information about the underlying company including its financial performance, peer comparison etc.

For day traders, PIB offers Intraday Charting feature, Hourly Tick List feature and Alerts feature to help them track the movement of underlying scrip / index during the day. Besides, they can also create different Market Watch windows to view the latest market price of those stocks in which they are keenly interested or possess any stake.

PIB provides various kinds of reports, each developed to cater user's distinct needs. For ex., you can access Net Portfolio Report to view a list of stocks that are available in your portfolio. To view your open positions in F&O segment, you can access F&O Complete Position Report. PIB also provides details about your current day's obligations in Current Obligations Report.

PIB also helps you spot minimal profit opportunities that may arise in F&O market. You can use Cost of Carry calculator to spot the arbitrage opportunities that may arise on the account of any irregular deviation between scrip's spot price and future price. Similarly, you can use Options Calculator to calculate the ideal options premium of a particular Options Contract.

With whole host of features and advanced tools, PIB aims to fulfill needs of every genre of investors and help them gain profits in every possible way. Wish you a profitable trading with Power Indiabulls (PIB) application!